Future is in good hands – Mainstream what?!

My musical taste has evolved over the years, especially in my transition from high school to college – I’m not all hype about the mainstream jams on the radio, to tell you the truth I couldn’t tell you what’s on my local radio – don’t get me wrong I love bootyshaken music as much as the next chick – but music with a purpose or music with a message – now that’s real music.  

With most legends dead – Bob Marley, TuPac, Biggie, etc – the future is in good hands with Wale, Pharrell, Nas, Jay-Z, and many others . . . and NORTH CAROLINA has a new one on the scene whose music gives me chills, and I like it – J. COLE. Yes – the future is in good hands. . . amen. Long live real music – Take a listen: 


Taking the gameover – quick.


Astu Mengesha – stay down and blazee up.

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