Lights please, Lights please . . .

YESSSS – I DID IT, I finally did it. Yes that – started my own blog. So today July 24, 2010 – exactly two months until my 19th birthday, ironic – maybe haha :). This blog will be everything I want it to be fresh and raw – so lights please lights please the show begins NOW.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blazee up.

3 responses to “Lights please, Lights please . . .”

  1. Hello reader – feel free to leave your comments, opinions, and feelings – I love feedback.

  2. Congratulations! Go for it, Girl! I am excited to read your thoughts! More words shared by our young people gives me hope! 😉

  3. Aster this is truly amazing!! showing and expressing yourself..i look up to u on this because it comes from ur heart because it is who u r and i love that about u! keep it the world and let them no who u r! 🙂

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