Strawberry Shortcake.

SUMMER 2010 – I decided to change my hair color – I’ve been wanting to do it for forever but finally everything was in the right position and I did it. I went in wanting blonde and a burnt like orange color  highlights. I came out with this :

And now I must take extreme care of it because unlike many of these models and other people who parade around with color in their hair my color is actually permanent and can only fade YIKESS.

I think this is apart of my phase “do everything while you are young” because ultimately if you don’t you’ll regret it when your OLD.

“Change is always good.”

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

One response to “Strawberry Shortcake.”

  1. I LOVVEEE IT!!! n i hope u slept on ur face to keep the body of your hair the same LOL!!

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