Recently I decided I would stop drinking soda. I came to the conclusion that I am super dependant on the little can . . . bottle . . . cup . . . of soda, acid, and gas. My body would literally reject any other form of liquid, ESPECIALLY WATER, because of my addiction – or at least I do believe.

I’ve always wanted to do this but you would not believe how hard it is for me. Going out to dinner with the ladies and friends I would automatically order Dr. Pepper, Spirit  – waiter “oh we don’t sell coke products but we have sierra mist” –  oh yes I have even opted but other brands just to get my fix. And I always felt like the bad one when everyone else ordered fruit drinks or water and he my ass is ordering a drink packed with nothing but sugary goodness :).

So my journey from Soda crack head to Soda Free and clean went a little like this – I went from dark sodas to light sodas to colored drinks to lemonade and tea to flavored water and I hope to one day arrive at WATER. So yes pray for me I want a clean body and these toxics HAVE GOT TO GO GO! So everything is in full swing – my ultimate goal will be achieved a more healthier and natural ASTER will be my byproduct.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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