Today I found a ladybug. It was crawling along my room’s blinds. I was so excited . . . and then I totally forgot about it and went to class then later that night my roommate was on the phone with her boo thang and happened to look up and see the little beautiful critter. I also happened to be skyping my dearest Denzel Solomon and he said they are good luck and proceed to ask me how many spots were on it . . .  I freaked and ranted about GOODLUCK. Ladybugs bring GOODLUCK 🙂 – and the roomie counted the spots 17 to be exact – ohhhh it made me feel all warm inside !! Happiness and joy do really come in small packages .

Ladybug ladybug you are so true

Ladybug Ladybug look at youuu.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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