Forever Young – NOT.

“It’s funny how we spent our whole childhood wishing we were older. Now that we are older, we want to slow down time.”

As we get older we become a lot more self-aware and aware of the changes we go through. I have  also noticed, after several commercials for age defying makeup, remedies, and myths, that everyone is obsessed with keeping their youthfulness. Some will go to extremes to keep it by going through expensive medical procedures and others just suck it up and accept that “we live to die”. I have to admit that even I wish sometimes that I could go back and live those glorious younger years, those were truly the good days, – BUT I CAN”T!

I am a huge advocate for taking care of yourself – excercise, eat healthy, and get out. Stress and just about every aspect of the grown up world is so depressing  – bills, work, and taking responsibility – damn if somebody had told me it was gonna be this hard I would have opted for staying young forever. But I know when I was younger I did make the most of those years and that is all because of the most amazing parents in my life.

My 19th birthday is actually in 14 days and I’m so excited – I am also very thankful God allowed me to see another year – he has seriously kept watch over me and my family (: .

With all that said don’t worry about the future because you will only rot away the present.

p.s I know when I get OLD I’m still gonna be hip!!

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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