What if death is really birth

what if this life is one of many

what if our soul is on a price list journey

and this life is just a penny

what if sickness isn’t suffering

but rather just a warning

what if to die begins a new day

is that why they call it mourning

if we believe we’ll meet again

if their is a gift waiting in Heaven

could seeing loved ones who have passed in our future be our present

but what if Heaven isn’t up there?

But instead it is right behind us

because you leaving us reminds us when you left you left behind . . . US

was our last life just like this one

and in that life too did we fear dying could it be we didn’t want to leave

is that the reason we were born crying?

The questions won’t stop coming – answers exist but sometimes miss us

what’s worse is the only ones who know the truth are the ONE’S NO LONGER WITH US

I can’t help but  reminisce,  I shed a tear, as candles flicker

but I smile knowing we’ll one day get there




Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

One response to “UNTIL WE SEE YOU AGAIN.”

  1. WOW!!!…(snap snap snap!) This Ma’am is definietly the truth!!

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