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How do you like your YAMS?!


Pharrell Williams, cough cough my husband ( he just doesn’t know it yet), has teamed up with Bionic Yarn – which is an “old textile company dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable fabrics.” Pharrell is both owner and investor in the company and is now the new figurehead in promoting more eco-friendly wear. . . TALK ABOUT AMBITION . . . he just makes me go crazy.

In collaboration he has launched: BIONIC YAMS – ummmmm.

Bionic Yams is a clothing line that is described as eco-couture and as far as numbers go it is “50% organic cotton and 38% recycled plastic bottles”

. . . don’t you just love when celebrities use their fame and power to produce something that is ultimately GOOD?!

Astu Mengesha- stay down blaze up.

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