the classy woman who changed america forever.

Marilyn Monroe had a certain sex appeal to her and what made her unique to the average “whore”, not that she was or anything o_O – she carried herself as a confident lady who accepted herself flaws and all . . .

The industry of women in music, movies, advertisement, etc has changed dramatically…I admire women such as Ms. Monroe who had such class, elegance, and poise . . . all these characteristics were evident in just about everything she did – she could pull any man (cough cough even our beloved late president Kennedy) and still held her head high even though many called her a home-wrecker . . .

Her legacy lives on through her many sayings and recorded footage. Young girls are now reciting her many quotes – unfortunately many who do recite them are not aware of their very meaning… AND their actions show they are not aware of the very meaning.

So with that said Ladies be classy not trashy, yeah I know cliche’ ahaha, but what can I say it worked then so it is bound to work now. Love yourself above all – and those you love will love you more.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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