finding my calm.

I bought a little black book about a month ago and I keep all my drawings, sketches, and blahhs in it aha…

This is one of my recent pieces – nothing too serious just the elephant in the buddhist religion. Ganesha symbolism each part of the elephant reflects balance and ways by which we use our bodies to our advantages.

My new found love for the elephant has lead me on a crazy hunt for more information on these giant and ironically frequently overlooked creatures.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

2 responses to “finding my calm.”

  1. hi aster how are you?i was know u by you’r name but today i gair a chance to observe the photo of is every thing in america & you’r families . i like you’r photo so much because you’r colour is the same to white peoples i wish all the best for you & yuo’r families

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