Future of black media . . .

Just about every time you turn on the T.V, open up a magazine, or see a billboard on a passing highway  you see what America has been strategically doing for the past decade to the African-American population through advertisement, (intentionally or unintentionally), which is making the Black population “colorless”.

If this statement doesn’t make sense – it will.

Cathy Hughes, a prominent female African-American in the broadcast radio industry, made a statement that America is to interested in an “interracial society”…you’ll see “a Black woman and a White man or a Black man and a White woman. And all the children look like Halle Berry and [President] Barack Obama. There’s this emphasis on a ‘colorless society’.”

The question arises “WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP OUR BLACK CULTURE”? at the expense of bringing Americans closer. Asians, Latinos, Europeans, and every other culture – has held on with a tight grip to their particular “aspects” while African Americans have fallen victim to integration at the cost of weeding out what makes us, US!

My question for you is where is black media headed, where do you see it in the next ten years, we can’t keep blaming this economy for all the mishaps of black businesses and media, so what will happen next?

For more information – please read Ebony Magazine April Issue – Article The Death of Black Radio: Media Pioneer Cathy Hughes on the ‘Disintegration of the Black Experience’ By: Kevin Chappell

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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