la di da di we like to…RAW

Drake said “One thing about music when it hit you, you feel NO pain” – so why everyone jumping when it comes to vulgar terminology, clever profanity, and the numerous alcohol and contraband “inducers” of our generation…music is just music – right?!

WRONG…its so much more complex than that.

Today I was listening to Drake’s track “November 18th” his line – “I send your girl a text – saying ‘I’ll see her when I see her’ she send me one back – I don’t respond because pussy is just pussy and I get it when I want”

1. This line first degrades women

2.Displays Drakes successful sexual conquest

3.and uses the number one word I despise – “pussy”

but yet from this single line I came to the appreciate the “rawness” in the lyrics of hip hop…it’s bare and truthful – well at least to one man’s mind,work, and sexual conquest…music is a means of communication & multilateral & universal…so much more than lyrics on a paper.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up

Journal entry: June 7,2010

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