Rebel with NO cause?

Warning this may turn into a RANT – quick and curse words will be USED (reader discretion is advised).

Earlier today I took a nap after work, had to tell you this because it explains why I will be up for the next couple of hours haha. As I was sitting here looking up some info for my mom I heard someone pull into my drive way o_O – both my parents are home, my brother doesn’t get back till tomorrow, and my blackberry hasn’t vibrated in the past 30 minutes with an alert of a late night visit from any of my friends – so I’m thinking who the hell is it?

I get up and make my way over to the window and look out and see a group of kids, okay maybe not kids but people my age, pour out the vehicle and stand around their car. So I’m thinking to myself – THE FUCK?! And of course they had to get loud which made matters even worse and I stood their and watched them as my neighbors dogs handled the situation and eventually they left. All that I could think to myself was where the hell is the respect – it is late night you are in a neighborhood, not the best of hoods but none the less a NEIGHBORHOOD, with elders and children and you are standing outside SMOKING  and YELLING like you are at a fucking sporting event. -__-


I sat down thinking to myself how can a generation let alone a group of people have absolutely no respect for human beings and continue to be oblivious of other people’s property. I know I talk about race and culture ALOT its kind of my “thing” – but where does a group of BLACK individuals get off thinking that they run the world when they literally have NO POT TO PISS in. Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing Black people – I love my people’s confidence and sense of pride but it comes to a certain point where you have got to have some type of respect in your way of life.

I am by no means saying whites have it all figured out because if you ask me they are just as fucked up but to a certain extent our people have got to get over this whole the world owes us something and change certain aspects of life….first step GET SOME FREAKING RESPECT. Everyone is always running around saying you will respect me blah blahhh blah but it reality respect is just another word.

hahaha I told you it would turn into a rant but hey its my blog, my mind, and you know you were thinking it I just typed it.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up

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