coming to terms

The funniest thing happened last night – I was in the presence of someone I thought I despised…but in reality I truly, for a lack of better words, looked up to this person. Okay not look up to this person but something they have I use to want so bad o_O. I hope this is making sense and that you are following but at first I was like what the devil but now I’ve come to terms with this person ha ha now I just need to see if they are on the same level.

As much as I want to admit I am grown up some situations I just don’t want to be the better man I wanna be the hood rat to do ratchet things but I was raised right and I owe it to my parents and not only them to myself to move on and be a better me. With that said I hope I can grow and grow and grow into a very peaceful person.

(Yes I know that last part has madddd grammatical errors – but fuck it.)

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