Cut and Paste Culture.

So the other day in my sociology course: Introduction to Cultural Studies, we discussed Dramaturgical Analysis. Dramaturgical Analysis is basically the creation of a front and back stage self or identity – you act and identify one way in front of one set of people which is usually your “front” and the back is your more vunerable self which you don’t show to everyone but rather to a specific group of people. We also looked into this concept of impression management – the manipulation of your identity so people see you as you would like them to see you. And the last thing I would like to introduce to you is W. James idea of “multiple selves” – the ability to perform different aspects of yourself with people. All very interesting things!

Now the purpose of this post is that I have come to understand a specific person because of the introduction of the material above. I used to wonder why this particular person would act one way with me and then another with this person’s best friend – I naturally as any other black female, with the knowledge or common knowledge/slang of the word FAKE, would call this person in a heartbeat FAKE. I would wonder why this person could easily have fun, interact, for a lack of better words be goofy with me – but when their “friend” came around they would all of sudden be a completely different person. At first it was strange almost hurtful thing to take in but then I began to feel sorry for this individual because I began to see this person’s struggle to be one’s self.

So when introduced to this vocabulary and concepts, above, I immediately began to diagonsis this person’s actions. This person had “multiple selves” but don’t get me wrong EVERYONE DOES, but putting this persons actions into context with this person’s multiple selves was quite interesting. I know for fact that this person will never show the self this person shows me to the best friend for the simple fact that – I am replaceable as much as I like to not think so hahaha but this person’s best friend is NOT replaceable so this persons actions toward the best friend is to be controlled and taken for seriously.

I hope this will all make sense because its all my thoughts about the situation and how I came to my current situation which is . . . . .

I, no longer will get mad or wonder why this person acts the way they do, because I essentially have a new angle on human nature or at least on how I will look at people and who they protray to me when I meet them. I will reconsider my self and who I present to this person and make sure I present the self I attempt to present to everyone else and continue on with this friendship. I also will reconsider the word FAKE or using the word FAKE to describe a person because – there are multiple sides to people and we only get what that person allows us to see or what we want to see in that person based on preconceived notions…so before we say FAKE – one must consider “wait this maybe how someone is all the time” we just didn’t get it the first time.

I mean honestly have you ever stepped back and wondered “wow I didn’t realize this person was like this or acted like that or did that” all because of what they presented the first or multiple times they were alone with you?

Welp that is all I have for now…I can actually say I learned something in class ahahhahaah 🙂

Let me know what you think about this – agree/disagree or thoughts?!?

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.


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