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I’ve been gone far too long . . . and I honestly can’t believe I almost abandoned POST! (haha literally, get it?)

Anyway I’ve been moved to write on something about my generation that I’ve noticed in the past but just recently felt the need to write on, haha please excuse my laziness.

The other night I was sitting on the couch politicking with pops over the CNN poll results on America’s Republican presidential candidates, when he decides to go to bed because it was getting late, as a result of my f’d up sleep schedule I couldn’t possibly close my eyes and go to bed so I stayed up. I proceeded to log in on Twitter via my new iPhone (hehehe had to slip that in there, no mo crackberry) and I see Twitter is flooded with #STOPKONY2012 #StopKony this #StopKony that. First thought is this shit is epic! The creator of viral video should win an award or I should kiss him haha! LIKE WOW!

I’ve been aware/involved with the organization, Invisible Children, since senior year of high school and I was ecstatic to see something dealing with AFRICA to have finally surfaced that people are willing to take action and acknowledge, because lets face it people when Africa comes up in conversation people are quick to sweep it back under the rug. WHY? Well for one it almost seems like Africa’s problems are never-ending you’ve got corrupt leaders, drought after drought, and those “no good” rebels causing uprisings – not exactly fairy dust and unicorns. Also it is how our international community via MEDIA has portrayed her, how teachers have taught her, and how politics has treated her. How can a country’s (AMERICA) attitude change if there is absolutely NO hope for a better Africa?

Anyway back to the point of this article, I was thrilled to see people taking time to watch a 30 min video clip and look up what Invisible Children stood for its’ late action, but nonetheless ACTION. Students, celebrities, writers, etc – all retweeting STOPKONY and the video clip that highlights a young mans interest in Uganda and who the horrific star of the film is, Joesph Kony. I even found myself encouraging people to read further into what is happening in Uganda – I went to sleep feeling pretty damn good having put my two cents into the whole movement, for having watched the video, and for feeling like I educated someone via social media. As I continued on with my natural happy high, I came across several “ignorant tweets”, well I thought they were ignorant at the time because they weren’t on the bandwagon for the whole STOPKONY movement. One said something along the lines of:

“Fuck this STOPKONY shit, if you really cared you would have known about the issue long before..”

and another said

“people are so into this trend now but are going to forget about it as soon as the newest shoes drop, just like they did HAITI and have done to SYRIA AND THE REST OF EAST AFRICA” 

I brushed these comments off as offense and unnecessary and didn’t entertain them -I got into my comfy little ole bed and turned the lights off and went night night.

The next morning when I woke up to check TWITTER – I was pretty happy to see people retweeting and displaying their ways off getting involved but then I came across a friends post, a friend who I know is deeply connected and actively involved with several “save Africa” projects and proceeded to read a blog she reposted. The article pointed out negatives in the #STOPKony campaign, the campaign does a great job in presenting the enemy and raising awareness about this particular person but the campaign does not explore other options in addressing Uganda. The campaign suggests military intervention and holds back positives of the country in their dealing with Kony and basically provides a complete opposite viewpoint on the whole movement. I was so intrigued, how bold one can be to oppose something like this o_O. This just reinforced something I already knew so I advise – ANYONE WHO IS COMMITTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE, just as anything, must weigh all options, look at both sides, and make educated decisions.

THIS CAMPAIGN is our modern day PROPOGANDA, haha remember this word from history class in learning about the World Wars? Its true! Look at how images have been mass-produced, a viral video taking off in less than 24 hours – there are motives behind everything. While I would love to believe that people are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts, as I DO, we are all humans – what is the gain in this organization getting rid of this one man? Now please do not get it twisted I am behind getting this man and every other “bad” guy out there but what I hope to get across with this post is please do NOT let this be an issue of today and a memory of tomorrow. STICK WITH IT & FIGHT TILL THE END – nothing is more gratifying than seeing the fruits of your labor, right?

Also I’ve noticed one other thing our generation seems to be split down the middle with people who are quick to criticize and those who are quick to jump on the bandwagon, and cough cough I am guilty of being on both sides but every day I look to better myself, cliché but true. With this #STOPKony campaign, I saw a lot of people who were FAST to say yeah I knew about Knoy way back when blah blah, that’s great and all but you have to realize not everyone knows everything, haha, so embrace those who are not knowledgable and educate them MINUS the attitude. And for those quick to jump on the bandwagon – please don’t automatically throw your money out there RESEARCH! RESEARCH RESEARCH! Where the hell is your money going?! And then, haha, proceed to jump on that bandwagon. Every movement needs a bandwagon, right?

Welp thats all folks take care and be blessed. I hope this post made sense – I also want to make clear that I, personally, am in full support of helping AFRICA but I truly believe in different methods to addressing the continent, what INVISIBLE CHILDREN has done to raise awareness is commendable but lets NOT stop there with this one organization haha in other words go forth prosper my friends!

Another thing: yeah I lied about being done but I want to address something I saw on several social media outlets many people, and one in particular with this tweet “We in Africa but the projects need help too, what about that?” – HELL YEAH POVERTY IN FUCKING AMERICA IS JUST AS BAD – but unless you get UP and OUT and handle it, raise awareness, make people care – PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO FLY OVERSEAS AND HELP OTHERS.


Okay NOW I’m done. Be blessed. Check these sites for other opinions:


Astu Mengesha- stay down blaze up

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