Te amo DOES NOT EQUAL tu amo

Black men why do you disrespect the black women’s body?

It amazes me how much the man believes he can control or has the right to do what he does based on the fact a women of color is the same color of the man of color. Isn’t this interesting? The black woman’s body is “sexualized” by every man, black or not – made into an object no longer just human but rather parts . . . and you the know the parts.

But then again a black man’s ability to adore every part of the black woman’s body is much respected.

or any man’s ability to . . .

hmmpph interesting isn’t it – I randomly thought this after seeing a black female in the elevator with her partner grab her chest in a way of getting her attention.*

Guess calling out to her is so old fashioned now a days.


I saw this last year when I was in Spain. 
It means ‘I love you does not equal I own you’
It’s so amazing to me that there are these ads out on the street in other countries.

It means ‘I love you does not equal I own you’

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.



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