In the past month I have . . .


-graduated from Lynchburg College with a degree in International Relations


– Cut my processed/damaged hair/ends and let it be wild and natural


– Participated in the Elk’s Virginia State Pageant and came in 2nd


– Daddy helped me find a car and adding to our toyota collection


and last but not least beeen chilling until work starts Monday.

In all I can say I am truly blessed and thankful for everyone in my life because none of the things mentioned above could have been possible and I am aware of this – everyday I thank God for just about everything. Now that I am a graduate the next couple of steps for me include: writing more, studying for LSAT’S (Law School next fall), working, being with my family, and taking on everything that comes my way.

Astu Mengesha Рstay down blaze up

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