If you are always expecting to be considered, understood, helped or loved, you will never be happy, for everyone has their own worries and problems. Someone may be with you one minute but busy elsewhere the next, and then you have to manage on your own. This is why I tell you not to count too much on other people, because you cannot be certain of their attention, friendship and love. One moment you will feel understood and supported, but what will happen the next? You should never expect anything from others, especially not their love. It may come, of course; it may even keep on coming. If it comes, it will be welcome, and you will thank heaven, but you shouldn’t expect it. Do you want to be happy? Do not ask to be loved; just love, day and night, and you will be happy all the time. One day a wonderful love affair may come out of the blue… Yes, why not? It can happen, but don’t expect it.

— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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