Lamar’s Verse 2 & 3 – only part of the song I can really get down with because well who isn’t…

I’m tryna learn somethin new
I’m tryna surround myself with people that inspire me
Or at least inquire similar desires
To do what it T-A-K-E just to reach the T-O-P
I’m talkin ideas , motivation
It’s more than making, enemies, my n*gga
Oh that’s not your Memo ?
Then tell me why you constantly stressin on how you well connected like centipedes, my nigga ?
I function with you and you flaunt your pistol
Every second tell me how you pressed em at the Monte Crystal
Where so&so from , and what neighborhoods beefin
Who baby momma’s a rat, and who got killed last weekend
That shit is mad depressin, bringin me down
Speak on somethin with some substance that can get us both paid rather than tellin me how these niggas jockin yo style
Or his rims ain’t bigga
Pussy, nigga
I’mma cut you off

 – – – – – 

I’m tryna learn somethin new
I’m tryna better my chances of becoming a star
I’m tryna feel the vibe of Mona Lisa, studying art
Now paint that picture

& that’s real.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up


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