Day 2 in B&N’s

I’m at my “favorite” place fighting the urge to get a passion tea lemonade or cup of coffee (because I already spent money on snacks earlier -_-)! I walked in and as always I never know what is going to attract me but I walk over to section titled: self-improvement and haha at 21 I know I could use some advice, good advice, on how to better myself. I pick up a book and I am instantly hooked with its 50 suggestions on life – ehhh call it what you want but there is nothing wrong with learning from other people’s mistakes and making your own and looking back and at least having some sense of direction/guidance on what went wrong and how to grow from there…because we all will make our own mistakes no matter how well prepared we are…right?! RIGHT!

Favorite line from the book, as cliche’ as it may sound, is “get up, dress up, and show up” it all begins with our clothes in the wee hours, or in my case sometimes in the afternoon (covers eyes in shame), that can really determine our mind set for the rest of the evening. I’m positive and I want to exude, radiate, share, and reek my positive attitude because it sure is a domino effect.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up 

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