Just a thought

So in the past month one pope stepped down and another one stepped up. There was so much speculation as to where the next pope would be from – would he be Asian like our UN Secretary general,  African/black like our American president (okay half African) or would he be European or would he be from South America. My initial guess was that he would be from South America just because the pool consisted of 72+ popes – faith in numbers haha…so once the Argentinean pope was announced I automatically said oh of course. 

Butttt literally just prior to Pope Francis being revealed Hugo Chavez of Venezuela passed away and South America and the world watched in aww as the country went through mourning for the late president. Chavez was an interesting president to say the least he was not a fan of the United States and is often quoted for having referred to Bush as the devil during a press conference- some loved him and many did not. Now this may be in left field or have absolutely no correlation but it would be interesting and with international relations and politics being so ummm how do you say double sided (sometimes you just never really know what the true reason is behind motives or actions are in the political arena) but is it also possible…we now have a Hispanic pope because we the world lost a Hispanic leader – was this an attempt to bring back peace of mind to South America? Yes, I am aware that one is from Argentina and the other is from Venezuela but lets let the mind create something lol

Welp that was hella random I know but it popped into my mind one day and I said hmph I must write this down before I forget – what are your thoughts? Let me know.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up

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