instaI am a faithful user of Twitter (Sunflowergesha), Instagram (Sunflowergesha), and Facebook and I like to think my social web is quite large. I currently have 442 followers on Instagram, 476-489 (numbers fluctuate everyday…literally), and over 1000 friends on FB.

Let those numbers sink in.

The other day I posted something on Instagram and it got about 40 likes in 15 mins you would think with numbers like that that almost every 15 mins that passed by I would get another 40 or so . . . WRONG. It got up to 50 likes before my picture was so far down peoples timelines that they would never scroll down to see it. I may seem extremely obsessed with numbers and look like an attention whore but people lets look at the numbers here my “likers” are less than 25% of the amount of people who actually follow me – am I the only one who sees something strange here?!

The other factor that I would like to point out is that my profile is private – you have to ask/ request for my permission to view my pictures…are you all following me – now why in sams hill are you asking for my attention and then not doing anything with it?!

When I think about the number of people I follow which is almost 1/2 the amount of people that follow me it makes sense to me that I follow people that I want to look at what they have going on in there lives and comment and like and what ever the hell else I can do with an emoji to their photo. I generally do not follow you if you follow me – I try and limit my follow backs to people I actually know, creative thinkers, a couple celebrities, and some miscellaneous people. It is quite mind boggling when I think about the, as my friend calls them, ghost followers I have. . . not complaining, okay well I am, but lets be real I use my social networks to be a social person communicate and exchange ideas and in this case photos – GIVE ME SOMETHING to work with people.

I know I am not the only person who has thought about this and maybe I am doing something wrong – not using my social media outlets to their fullest potential.

I was reading and came across this article “9 Tips to Power Up Your Social Media” by:  .  In other words, measure interactions more carefully than engagement alone.


Astu Mengesha – Stay down blaze up

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