Born Sinner

born sinner

Been bumping Cole since he busted out on the scene a couple years back with “Lights Please”. I respect him as an artist for many reasons but my admiration for Jermaine Cole comes from his active pursuit of a higher education. He is realistic and on his track “College Boy” he acknowledges the importance of an education and how “young niggas” better go and get it he also elaborates on his back up plan which includes going for his Masters. Just in case anything goes wrong but with this highly anticipated album – I do not see anything going wrong anytime soon for this patient cat. I will be listening to the whole album today. . . currently vibin’ to “Sparks Fly” track number 21 and it is nothing but HOTNESS!

Below are my favs in red so far:

1. Villuminati
2. Kerney Sermon (Skit)
3. LAnd Of The Snakes
4. Power Trip featuring Miguel
5. Mo Money (Interlude)
6. Trouble
7. Runaway
8. She Knows featuring Amber Coffman
9. Rich Niggaz
10. Where’s Jermaine? (Skit)
11. Forbidden Fruit featuring Kendrick Lamar
12. Chaining Day
13. Ain’t That Some Shit (Interlude)
14. Crooked Smile featuring TLC
15. Let Nas Down
16. Born Sinner featuring James Fauntleroy
*17. Miss America
*18. New York Times featuring 50 Cent & Bas
*19. Is She Gon Pop
*20. Niggaz Know
*21. Sparks Will Fly featuring Jhene Aiko

Astu Mengesha – Stay down blaze up

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