The Trillectro Experience x M.I.A

Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and Caucasians all in one room vibin’ . . . and I mean really vibin’. And let me make this clear it was not just the typical, modern-day, hippies that usually get along with everyone vibin’ in one room – but I mean girls and boys from all types of backgrounds and upbringings in ONE room, nodding their heads and sharing laughs.

And if you are wondering where this happened – keep reading.

Monday night did not, as mentioned before, fall short of the “where cultures converge” – Trillectro hosted a listening party at U Street Music Hall for M.I.A’s new album Matangi that dropped yesterday and as a side-note I highly recommend that everyone cops it!

Anyway, the event went from 8 to 12 and I arrived around 8:00ish, just to heed the get there early or you may not be able to get in warning, walked in with one of my girlfriends and the place was not anything to be impressed by. It had your typical standard bar, couple chairs, generic stage and DJ booth. Walked over to the bar and grabbed a chair with my girl and we observed the event from its beginning to end and of course engaged in the shenanigans.  The music was perfect for this event – M.I.A is the epitome of rap meets dope beats meets cultural awareness – all wrapped in one. Listening to her tracks and watching people break dance – made me smile to myself, Trillectro may or may not be a genius for putting this event together! What better way to step back from the craziness in the world but sharing an event like this with people in the District of Columbia?

I can guarantee that I will be present at more of the their events, as you should too, below is a link to their website where you can experience the experience via the web but believe me it does not do justice to the real events.

More on Trillectro, the organization, and the masterminds behind these events to come. Stay tuned.

According to the Trillectro website – Trillecto is “a portmanteau of “trill” (popularized by southern hip-hop legend Bun B, meaning “authentic” in hip-hop circles) and “electro” (short for “electronic”), trillectro embodies the festival’s credo. though hip-hop and electronic music may bring to mind separate, distinct experiences, trillectro is the sweet spot where cultures converge.”

Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Down

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