Project Beautify You

Ambitious, courageous, amazing, and a go-getter are all adjectives used by fellow mentors, Lara Adeleke, Mariatu Savage, Titilope Folayan, and Tasha McCormack, to describe Feyi Odukoya, founder of Project Beautify You.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of sitting in on a facilitated discussion called “Relationship 101” where topics of respect, sex, and healthy relationships were touched upon. You, the reader, are probably wondering how I was able to stumble across this up and coming non-profit organization and it is all thanks to a connection made through undergrad by a good friend of mine; Lara.

I met Ms. Feyi Odukoya and was instantly captivated by her welcoming personality. The session went from about 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM in a community room at a local library in Maryland. This session was a little different from previous sessions in that they had three male guest speakers who volunteered to give the male perspective on relationships which was an interesting and meaningful twist! We, as older women, can drill advice upon advice into younger girls but nothing beats bringing in the opposite sex to really give it to you straight on what is going on in their heads.

After observing the event, I caught up with Feyi quickly to get the essence of the non-profit organizations mission and here is what she had to say and the organization in a nut shell.

“I got the vision for this at the age of 20, the name and motto came quickly literally within 5 minutes – that was the easy part. Financial encouragement was pushed forward by a school run business plan competition, where I won 1st place. With this organization I want young girls to grasp and understand their self-respect; I want them to know that they are queens, and that they never have to seek the attention from anyone to define their self-worth.” – Feyi

The motto says it all “bringing out the beauty within for the world to see” – we as girls can never  have enough organizations committed to developing us and salute to Ms. Odukoya and to her team members in their efforts to lift our girls up. Check out their website:

The organization is developing every day! To learn more please visit their website and if you are in the DC area they invite you all out to their happy hour event at the Ozio Restaurant & Lounge.



Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

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