Waiting For My Moment

I was immediately struck by Antonio’s mature personality. He was cool, calm, collected and beyond patient with me as I asked a billion and one questions about where he has been and where he is going.  I actually found his profile via Instagram, my current app addiction, and I am such a sucker for clean and crisp photos and all of his photos were just that – refreshing.  During our conversation he was extremely articulate and chose his words carefully – making sure to mean every word. I was able to learn fairly quickly that he, truly, is a jack of all trades! Antonio used to dance but is choosing to express himself by working with several people on developing designs for clothing lines, is an amazing photographer, and has a knack for creating video footage. Check out his work – all links will be provided at the end of this interview.

Now, enough about how star struck I was and on to the interview. Enjoy!

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Astu: “How old are you and give me and the reader a little more about yourself?”

Antonio: “I am 21 years old and I reside in the RVA and according to my mother I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil or crayon in my hand.”

Astu: “What do you hope to do with your art work and where do you want it to go?”

Antonio: “I want to use different platforms and I want my art work to reach everyone and in general I want it to become a global brand. I try to inspire people to just do it – I know that the smallest figures become the biggest people in the world and I want to achieve that.”

Astu: That’s dope! Thinking big – I see! Now what keeps you motivated and going? Have you had a moment in your life were you think you have fully arrived in your art?

Antonio: “Honestly, I don’t think I have had that moment yet. Right now I am creating a children’s book one of the main purposes is to change or have an impact in someone’s life – that will be my eureka moment but no I haven’t had it yet. As far as what keeps me motivated – I love doing this.”

Astu: “What is your favorite medium to use when you are working on a project?”

Antonio: [chuckles]

Antonio: “That is like asking which child is your favorite – I would rather do it all. You know how older people say ‘you can’t do everything’  I don’t believe that. This is a different time period everything is accessible so I want to do it all. I get a different type of euphoria from using each medium – I am in my experimental stage and everything is welcome.”

Astu: “From looking at your work I know you have also worked with others  – so tell us who are some people you have helped or worked with and what projects?”

Antonio: “I have worked with the mayor of Richmond to create a logo for the “First Friday” events held in the city. I am currently working with a clothing line in developing its’ designs.  Amazon is another company I have worked with, which was brought to my attention through a connection, to develop a T-shirt logo for an event they held in September. They were ecstatic with what I came up with – I thought the logo was pretty simple but they loved it and I was able to learn some marketing/business skills dealing with a larger company, which was awesome.  I worked with the artist Raheem DeVaughn and this was a unique experience his personal artist came across an illustration I created and reached out to me – this was about a year ago that the connection was made but it was not until recently that we actually linked up. It is so crazy were my artwork has gotten me!

All in all this guy has a lot more in store for the world. He is literally up at the crack of dawn creating, crafting, and making his dream a reality. While his art is his passion he also finds the time to work with children in the community – this guy is completely in tune with himself and the world and is constantly sending out good vibes all around.  The most positive individual I have met in a while! He is in the process of branding himself and currently has some of his artwork on IG and is reachable via twitter. Check him out – I only connect with the best of the best and he is truly that.

I try to inspire people to just do it! -Antonio Knoxx

Connect with Antonio

Twitter: @AntonioKnoxx | IG: AntonioKnoxx | Email:  adotknoxx@dopeairlines.com

 Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

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