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When I graduated from undergrad in 2012 I received a job offer towards the end of August in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I packed my things up and moved without hesitation. Now that I am in DC for graduate school I constantly reminisce on the friends I made and the amazing times I had in Wolf Pack nation. So when I was blessed with the opportunity to connect with Arlan, owner of Movement Merchandising I was ecstatic! Arlan Wallace, as previously mentioned is the owner of Movement Merchandising. He is 20 years old, a student at North Carolina State University and is currently studying marketing and creative writing – all the while changing how students in the area dress themselves. When he began to tell me about his business venture – I was truly amazed at how well thought out his ‘movement’ is and I can guarantee this is not just a pop-up business, you can expect that his organization is here for the long run. Below is our complete interaction – enjoy!

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Astu: “Arlan! Now tell me just what Movement Merchandising is?  How did it come together?”

Arlan: “Well I love fashion and I am familiar with business and I wanted to link the two together. In the area there are a lot of consignment shops but they don’t really give you much money when you try and sell your clothing back. I essentially wanted to create a place where you will get more for your money and get some really nice pieces. I just want to give someone an outlet for fashion at a reasonable price – also thirfting can really be hit or miss so I do some of the leg work and find things that my peers would be interested in purchasing.”

Astu: “So wait your prices are competitive in comparison to the surrounding consignment stores?”

Arlan: “Yes, we post on our website and honestly the prices are just right and as the business grows I will just continue to post what items are coming in and people can reach out and we will hold the item and deliver on that price.”

Astu: “That is amazing especially considering how popular thrifting is now a days! It helps that your items are really handpicked for selection purposes. How long have you been in business and what have you participated in so far?

Arlan: “It has been up and running for a little over a month, since October, and we actually made the local paper just in that one month time span. Movement Merchandising was also a part of a sneaker summit powered by NCSU, about a weekend ago, where we had a pop-up shop.  We are making strides – we actually won the Best Business Competition Award, Best Merchandise and Best Apparel Award.”

Astu: “A month and all of this recognition that is extremely humbling and awesome Arlan– so where is this going for you?”

Arlan: “I am interested in opening a store front in North Carolina and along the east coast – I want it to be a brand where people have to travel to the east coast just to be able to buy it or to engage in the experience.”

Astu: “That makes sense it is always exciting to go to a state and know this is the only place or area I can get this item – very interesting marketing tactic that has proven successful for other people! And just to clarify for the readers you sell what kind of clothing?”

Arlan: “Movement Merchandising is primarily vintage items and retro clothing that I can guarantee you will not find them anywhere else. We also sell custom tees and we actually have baseball tees with the business name – which are always available to order or purchase.”

Arlan, in conjugation with business partner Zach Fasica, is really delivering a practical service.  I can remember rolling out to Goodwill with my girlfriends every other weekend and I still do! What Arlan is doing is promoting a distinctive way of dressing – it is so easy to go out and purchase a blouse from any well-known store but thrifitng requires creativity and risk to put the outfit together. This business is truly unique! In an age where consignment shops run the streets for our generation – Arlan is genius for coming up with this amazing plan to recycle and still create new shirts alongside what already exists.  Kudos and shout out to you Arlan – success is on the way!

Sidenote: During the interview Arlan explained the math behind the transactions of Movement Merchandising and I was immediately blown away and of course dumbfounded – this guy knows his economics so if you want further information on how to sell to Arlan – connect with him below.

Connect with Arlan

Twitter: @TheRealSixx_Fo | IG: Buymovement |

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