@Xtradope’s Best Albums of the Year List: #8 PartyNextDoor- PartyNextDoor


#8 PartyNextDoor- PartyNextDoor

Released: July 1st

By: Dequan Huggins

     Canada continued its wining streak with its urban artists in 2013 with Ontario singer PartyNextDoor. The singer/ producer was the first signee to hip-hop golden boy Drake’s label OVO Sound. The cosign came with excruciating expectations; especially after Drake’s recent split with fellow Canadian sing The Weeknd. Releasing a slew of tracks spontaneously via Internet, Party was finally ready to step into the limelight releasing his first full-length project. His self-titled mixtape surpassed expectations and even helped land him a spot on Drake’s Would You Like a Tour tour this past fall.

Party’s tape captures the essence of what its like being a 20 year old Canadian romancer—drugs, sex, get money repeat! Of course its not the most original of concepts, but that’s not was Party offers as an artist. It’s the blossoming confidence that this young man has within himself that carries a bulk of the project. “Talk here ain’t cheap, but it’s on a budget baby”, Party sings on “Wild Bitches.” Party is a heartbreaker, and he definitely isn’t shying away from anyone knowing that. Only looking for sex, the women in this tale, usually strippers, are sweet talked into going home with the Ontario crooner.

Not having the strongest voice to offer, on a handful of tracks Party uses auto-tune to help enhance his vocals. While others may see this as a crutch, Party uses this as an enhancement to the emotionality of his voice.”Ballin”, a revengeful record about being out of someone’s league, sees the OVO singer harmonizing with auto-tune helping listeners discover the sincerity of the emotion he bellows.

Party fits right in with the new “in” crowd of R&B bad boys. His ear for melodies and his production palate places him amongst the ranks of prominent soul artists today. Having the best full length R&B project in 2013 should carry PartyNextDoor to new heights in 2014 and years beyond.

Favorite Songs: Break From Toronto, Right Now, Ballin

Weakest Song: Welcome to the Party

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