@Xtradope’s Best Albums of the Year List: #6 Tyler, the Creator- Wolf


#6 Tyler, the Creator- Wolf

Released: April 2nd

By: Dequan Huggins

     Leader of the California Collective Odd Future, Tyler the Creator, released his second full-length album last spring titled Wolf. After expressing disappointment with his the creative process of his first album, Tyler returned to music inspired to incorporate more of his sonic inspirations within the project. The Los Angeles based rapper made drastic improvements in his rapping and production surprising hip-hop lovers with one of the best releases of the year.

Tyler’s personality is the star of the show on Wolf. His immaturity has held certain listeners from giving the Odd Future artist a remote chance at impressing you with his creativity. Although fans of Tyler enjoy his humorous immaturity, part of the lure of Wolf is the dichotomy of its ignorance and its hidden intelligence. Tyler’s vulgarity and lightheartedness on songs like “Trashwang” only compliments the creativity making you appreciate the full spectrum of him as an artist. Writing a song from the perspective of Dylan and Eric, the two kids from the Columbine Massacre, is one the crowning achievements of Wolf on the track “Pigs.”

For every leap that Tyler, the Creator made rapping in 2013 he took twice as many in production. Abandoning his trademarked haphazard abrasive instrumentals, Tyler attempted to make more well-rounded and polished beats that paid homage to inspirations from all genres. From the 90’s R&B groove of “Slater” to the jazz influence of “Treehome95” and not forgetting The Neptune’s influenced chords of “Bimmer”, Wolf covers a vast array of production styles showing how musically inclined Tyler is.

No rapper from the new generation is better at venting his frustrations on a record than Tyler. Him and his Odd Future associates are always the subject of scrutiny. Whether it be from parents of the children that he influences or supporters from homosexual community, Tyler seems to get under the skin of nearly everyone. “Rusty” features the rapper firing back at all of his critics over the past two years — including the mother of fellow Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt — with one of his best lyrical performances of the album. “Look at that article that says my subject matter is wrong/ Saying I hate gays even though Frank is on 10 of my songs/ Look at that Mom who thinks I’m evil, hold that grudge against me/ Though I’m the reason that her motherfucking son got to eat.

From start to finish Wolf is as creative and well produced of an album there is in 2013. Many skeptics of Tyler were silenced after Tyler’s latest project as the he enters the discussion of most talented rap artists conversation. As he continues to find himself creatively, one can only expect better artistry from the Tyler in years to come.

Favorite Songs: Rusty, Treehome95, Bimmer

Weakest Song: Parking Lot

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