@Xtradope’s Best Albums of the Year List: #3 Arcade Fire- Reflektor


#3 Arcade Fire- Reflektor

Released: October 28th

By: Dequan Huggins

     Fresh off their Album of the Year Grammy in 2011 Arcade Fire returned to the Indie Rock scene more inspired to create than ever. The 6-piece band including husband and wife vocalists Win Butler and Régine Chassagne traveled to Haiti and Jamaica discovering a new appreciation for the countries festive music. Hoping to incorporate the inspiration in the music, Arcade Fire began recording their fourth studio album Reflektor.

Legendary indie rock star James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem came on board for Reflektor. His expertise would be needed with the electronic island vibe that the band was experimenting with. “Here Comes the Night Time”, a song about missionaries in Haiti that want to help teach about Jesus but are afraid of the Haitian people at night time, is the best example of a record with Caribbean influence. The combination of James Murphy and Arcade Fire meshes very well together. “Porno” could easily be placed on any of LCD Soundsystem’s albums paying homage to their legendary electronic sound. Abandoning their traditional soft alternative rock sound for bongos, steel drums, and electronic instruments, Arcade Fire connects on their attempt to incorporate the influences into Reflektor.

Creatively Arcade Fire is light years above other indie rock bands when it comes to concepts. Constantly taking on social issues and giving a voice to the mute, Arcade Fire writes a beautiful song about a homosexual child who begs their father not to turn his back on him/her the way that rest of the world has already did on “We Exist.” Win Butler uses poetic lyrics like “Daddy it’s true/ I’m different from you/ But tell me why they treat me like this?” to describe the pain of being discriminated for being different like the rest of the world. The social awareness of Arcade Fire continues with the album titled track “Reflektor.” Technology gives us the impression that we are connecting with people each other all over the world but all it does is make us lonely. Staring at the computer screen is the same a staring at a mirror.

Reflektor the perfect combination of melody and social awareness that all rock bands should strive for. Continuing to set the standard for indie rockers Arcade Fire only continues to get better with every release more imaginative and groundbreaking than the previous.

Favorite Songs: Joan of Arc, Here Comes the Night Time, Normal Person

Weakest Song: Here Comes the Night Time II

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