Welcome 2014

Dear readers,

Welcome to 2014! Can you believe it? 2013 was an awesome year and we are looking to top it. Before, I delve into what Stay Down Blaze Up is looking to do in the new year, I want to take the time to say thank you. Thank you to the readers, thank you to those who have accidentally stumbled across this gem and have followed, thank you to my friends, thank you to my family, and of course to every supporter out there. Thank you to those who participated in the pilot interviews conducted this past year; you all are truly loved.  SDBUP would not be here today if you all did not believe in the blog’s potential and most of all, my potential. Again, thank you.

SDBUP is looking to make some major moves. Now while changes will occur, SDBUP will remain your source on the movers and shakers of our generation, it will provide positive happenings and events in our communities, and continue to be the people’s blog. I, originally, wanted to give you everything to look forward to in this letter but where is the fun in that? All I can ask of you is to stick with us here at SDBUP. We are your new connect and as always continue to stay down my friends and blaze up.


Astu Mengesha

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