I’ve made it another year . . .

I came across this on IG and thought it would be an awesome way to start your week, with a kick in the butt of course. The writers information is below please feel free to connect with him and as always enjoy.
photo (16)I’ve made it another year, so that means it’s time for my annual introspective, gained wisdom post about life. Youth is getting closer to the door, I really don’t want to send it on its way without anything exciting to hold onto. As I said last year, we’ve got to make the most of our youth while it’s here. This year more so than previous years, I’m really feeling the need for urgency. Time is constantly moving, and it’s wasted if one doesn’t fill that time doing things they love. You’ve got a job, you’ve got a degree, a car, or anything else that can be showcased as a symbol of status, but what does any of that matter if you’re not happy? What does it profit personal growth to spend your life working only to maintain, and not for progress? It profits nothing, and unfortunately that’s how most lives will unravel. So, how do we avoid a life less than the one that feels us to the brim with passion and exuberance for a new day? It’s simple, do not live the life anyone else has planned for you. Not your parents, friends, teachers, not even societal expectations. Some of us have already attempted to live out expectations that were not our own, and either we follow that road to unhappiness or we break from it and attempt to live the life we should have been living. For those young enough to follow their hearts alone, do it. That’s not to say don’t take advice from the positive influences in your life. Take in every bit of knowledge and wisdom they have to offer, weigh that with your own insight and make what you feel is the best decision. In addition to that, surround yourself with people who want the same things you want. Surround yourself with the things you love, and work like you’ve never worked to get to your destination. Once you get there, work even harder. Be the best at whatever you do. If you want something, chase it down, pursue it relentlessly. If that particular thing never pans out, at least you tried, and there is no shame in that. Just live your life, don’t shrink into the corner. Maximize on everything.
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