Group by Group

[Late post]

I am sitting at my favorite chain coffee shop, Starbucks, and like always I am unintentionally observing the different groups of people. I have been here for about 3 hours, do not judge me, but I was cranking some work out for school and work was rough today. Anyway, I am not sure if I have posted about this topic before but I find it rather important and I believe it will be an excellent addition for my Motivation Mondays segment.

It is something important, it is something that makes the world go around, it is important to business development, and it is something I value immensely; can you guess what it is?

photo (14)The answer is community. That word is almost the reason why I decided to go in the direction I am going with this blog. This past weekend I went to a lounge and a fraternity hosted a centennial party for their organization and it was astonishing to see the support, love, and overall loyalty the participants had to their respective organizations. Their community came out, from literally all over the US, and showed out. It was truly a beautiful thing to see and this can be translated into any developmental stage of an entrepreneurs growth. The people who back you, whether they be random or in the case of this a fraternity from the same college community, your community can be motivation enough to further develop yourself and grow. You almost do it to not to let your supporters down because they already see the potential in you.

Community is key, your network is important, and quality friends are irreplaceable! These people will help you when you are down and out on yourself. Starting something from scratch, as many entrepreneurs do, is hard and it is important to find your people in your field of interest and capitalize on it with genuine interactions.

I know I used the word IMPORTANT a lot in this post but I can not stress how pertinent community is to everything you do! This is not something I learned recently but something my father has taught me and has shown me over the years.

Side note: The post title, ironically, is a play on my father’s tendency, thanks to his Ethiopian English to describe unification by saying “group by group.”

With that said lets build together, develop an unstoppable positive community, and gather group by group.

Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

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