Yesterday I linked up with the extremely moving and talented Entree, owner of HEAP Clothing, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. She is a member of TRDC, DC native, and is eager to produce a clothing line with a message. Below you will find our entire conversation and contact information, enjoy!

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Astu: “As always I start with personal information. So give us the real Entree and where did your name come from?

Entree: “I am 21 years old, born and raised in Northeast DC, and my real name is Marderica. Entree is short for entrepreneur and I literally went through millions of names, but this one has stuck and represents me the best.”

Astu:”So before I launch into asking about your clothing line, I noticed that you also make music?”

Entree: “Yes, I’ve been doing that since I was 12. I have been surrounded by people, such as my brother, who have encouraged me to explore music. When I was younger, I was bad, haha I can admit I was angry a lot of the time and music was a way for me to express myself without exploring other harmful options. It started as poetry and I started putting it to music right away, I even have old cassette tapes of me rhyming and rapping.”

Astu: “How did you get into fashion or where did the idea to launch a clothing brand come from?”

Entree: “In 2012, I was sitting in my apartment in college thinking to myself I have beat all odds. I am in college, playing basketball, living with roommates, and I am living the American dream. At that moment I began to think about what it takes to be student athlete and something moved me to create the logo for HEAP. Mind you, I can not draw to save my life and the fact that the logo actually came out pretty nice was a sign I needed to pursue this.”

Astu:” What exactly is HEAP and who is your market?”

Entree:”It stands for health, education, attitude, and peace. My market would be the youth.”

“Health: testing the waters of your own mind and body and the ability to grow and motivate others to strengthen themselves. Education: we are all students of life. So educate your mind so that we may walk side by side with prestigious individuals and feel equal, hungry minds understand that it is okay to want more than what society is extending to us. Attitude: confidence and sass – knowing you have something to contribute. Peace: embracing life and all it has to offer, take advantage of the sunrise until the sunset.”  [provided by instagam]

Astu:”I noticed the colors were extremely bright. Is there a reason for that?

Entree:” Haha, yes! I’m glad you noticed that. The thinking behind it is if you have a bright spirit why walk around in black, let it show and these colors can brighten anyone’s day!”

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Connect with Entree

Twitter: @iamheap| IG:heapfashion/iamheap| Email: heapfashion@yahoo.com

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