Ones to Watch in 2014 Project

About a month ago I was scrolling through my feed and I came across a retweet, of a DeepMatter image, from the ERKYAH BADU. Just to clarify, it was not her fan page or some random natural hair diva claiming to be Badu, but the actual blue check official ERKYAH BADU page! Miss ‘Bag Lady’ herself, haha okay you get the point!

So, I opened the image and nearly chocked on my water. It was a green, think hulk green, drawing of a life like Badu. It was so accurate and unusual that I had to look at the source. I went straight to DeepMatter’s page and I felt like I had just hit the lottery. I found images, upon images of celebrities and icons. It was all very mesmerizing and unlike any other drawings, I had ever seen before.

Naturally, I reached out and I am so excited because I am officially giving you the scoop on the master mind behind the “Ones to Watch in 2014” project. Woohoo! DeepMatter, based in the UK, states ‘we are an online music and art source, giving music for your ears and art for your eyes’ and that is exactly what they do! In the past they were responsible for ‘DeepMatter’s Top 30 Rappers’, ‘DeepMatter’s R&B/Soul List’, and another project revolving around Black History Month in the UK, all of which are amazing projects!

DeepMatter, who has been releasing, one by one, their picks of individuals to look out for in 2014 has sent over the entire project and they have also sent over a little write up to really understand their mission. Below you will see artists such as Matt McGhee, Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, and Vic Mensa.

Check it out and remember who gave it to you FIRST ;)! Enjoy.

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Combining our never-ending love for hip hop and our artwork together once again on this project ‘DeepMatter’s ones to watch in 2014.’ The project was completely based around hip hop, and which artists we believe are heating things up in the scene, as well as dropping the freshest tracks! We love hearing new artists and keeping up with their movements, we have been trying to contact all musicians we illustrate in hopes of building a fruitful relationship with them. We have been lucky enough to have had some really positive responses, we wish everyone the highest degree of success and hopefully we can go on some amazing adventures with them along the way. Every project we produce has a place very close to our hearts, and we hope that through each of those projects, we can inspire people to stay trill and keep it 100 in whatever they wish to achieve!

To put a name to a face for the images above visit the actual project here:

Connect with DeepMatter

Instagram:@DeepMatters| Twitter:@Deep_Matter | Facebook:

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