A Message from Chris Terry

I follow an amazingly motivational Instagram account and I recently linked with the owner and he has agreed to send over some positive messages once a week. Enjoy and stay motivated my friends.

Chris Terry“There’s no reason for a plan B! If you have a plan B, C, D & soon then that sends a message to the world & your own brain that you don’t fully believe in yourself. You believe in the idea that you have but you don’t wholeheartedly believe that you can execute that idea that’s why you come up with multiple back up plans.¬†Starting today believe in yourself enough to know that if you adopt a ridiculous work ethic, learn as much as you can & focus – you can and will execute your ideas and plans!”

Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

One response to “A Message from Chris Terry”

  1. Lana Scolamiero Avatar
    Lana Scolamiero

    I enjoyed your motivation. I also read mostly motivational books. Have you written any motivational book. I would be very interested in reading one of yours if you have. Thank you, Lana.

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