Meet Ava Hovanka

Stay Down Blaze Up just introduced its’ new YouTube channel and we are already dishing out an amazing interview. A couple of weeks ago Raymond, the founder of The Real DC (TRDC), and I came up with the idea of interviewing the members of his organization. Two weeks later and 15 interviews out the way, I was able to speak with every single member. I have decided that I would release a video a day, maybe two if you all are real good, of the SDBUP and TRDC collaboration.

Today’s interview is with the talented singer/songwriter Ava Hovanka. She is gorgeous, poised, and extremely passionate about her music. Although, she is not a member of the TRDC organization she shares her admiration of the group and heightens viewer’s interest in learning more about TRDC and about her career in making beautiful noise.

Follow her on Instagram: @avahovanka | | Below you will find the video and we encourage you to give feed back! Not only is this the first video to hit our channel but it is the first interview conducted on camera. SDBUP would also like to give Dottn Boyz a major shout out for the camera work!


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