SDBUP’s 10 Songs For The Summer

Summer is approaching, the best time of the year for music. The combination of good weather, incredible music, and Corona with lime can turn any summer into one for the ages. Of course you can go by what you’ll hear on your local radio station but that’s boring! SDBUP has taken the liberty of posting 10 songs(from some new artist and some popular ones) that are guaranteed make your summer all the way turnt up!




“James Bong” – Wiz Khalifa  



Wiz Khalifa has totally revamped his music style in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. Abandoning his hazy stoner rap for a trap/drill influenced taste; Wiz has delivered on every release this year. “James Bong” falls in the vein of most trap records where its incredibly aggressive and catchy, but Khalifa seems to have a better sense of flow than his trap contemporaries. Oh yeah, it also needs to be noted that there are some incredible ad-libs on this track as well.



“Martyrs”- Mick Jenkins




Alabama/Chicago newcomer Mick Jenkins looks to be one of 2014’s hip-hop darlings. Mick’s social commentary and intricate metaphors are incredibly advanced for someone who is as apart of the Chicago teenage male lifestyle. “Martyrs” rebukes all the restraints that are placed on black youth by society and ourselves using the ugly but potent comparison of a hanging backdropped with a haunting instrumental



“No Flex Zone” – Rae Sremmurd



Hip-Hop producer Mike Will Made It has given the world so many gems over the last three years but his new Atlanta based duo Rae Sremmurd may be his best gift yet. The brothers take turns delivering energetic verses and an almost obnoxious chorus over a bone rattling Mike Will beat that will definitely run the southern club scene all summer.


“OMG” – Young Thug Featuring IAMSU!


Young Thug continues to be raps most talked about newcomer in 2014 as he continues his hit streak with “OMG.” Thug pays homage to The Bay by adding IAMSU! to the C4 produced anthem. Thugger’s vocal inflection and bizarre lyrics are so puzzling that it makes the song hypnotizing.



“Awesome” – Shy Glizzy



Shy Glizzy continues to represent for the DMV area with his biggest record to date, the very stuntastic “Awesome.” Glizzy has been running the DC circuit for years and “Awesome” is catchy enough to finally get the national attention that he has worked hard for.


“God’s Whisper” – Raury



Atlanta has produced a plethora of hip-hop based artist who have challenged conventional sound and Raury falls right in line with the greats. Mixing hip-hop with indie rock, Raury croons all over the stadium ready “God’s Whisper.” Belting his heart out, Raury speaks on what it means to be different and brave, serving as the voice for the emotionally lost young adult.



“Handsome and Wealthy” – Migos



Migos have used 2014 to establish themselves as a formidable rap group for years to come with the release of their No Label 2 mixtape. The trio doesn’t stray away from what rocketed their popularity in 2013, hypnotizing verses and infectious hooks. “Handsome and Wealthy” is one of many songs on No Label 2 gearing up to do damage in the clubs summer 2014.



“Yasss Bish!!” – Nicki Minaj



Wake up! Nicki Minaj has been killing everything for over year now, rapping harder than any of her male counterparts. Continuing to feed the streets, Nicki has been dropping banger after banging preparing the world for her new album The Pink Print. “Yasss Bish!!” is the perfect mixture of lyrics, flow, and Soulja Boy making it ideal for any situation.



“Down On My Luck” – Vic Mensa



Chicago emcee Vic Mensa abandons his cool guy lyrics on “Down On My Luck” exercising his singing and songwriting skills. “Down On My Luck” fuses the worlds of EDM and Chicago juke making Vic’s most experimental song to date stretching the limits of the ever-growing Chicago sound. Word to my young boy Teezus



“I Don’t Know” – Meek Mill



Meek Mill has had a tremendous impact on 2014 by killing every feature and every release with his name attached to it. Looking to change his outlook as just a street rapper, Meek raps over a beat that is triumphant and grand with “I Don’t Know.” The song has pop appeal and if given a chance could be the crossover record that meek has been searching for to take his career to new heights.

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