never needed permission…

I never needed permission. Hell I forged the majority of my permission slips in middle school. So why now?

My confidence, my self-worth, my self-esteem were built Ford tough. So what changed? What shifted?

I haven’t written a post or blog entry in nearly 3+ years. My writing whether it be good, correct, concise or clean was my own. It was and is my voice…the very tool I use to hold a mirror up to the denied parts of me. Somewhere along the line I stopped writing publicly and I essentially gave up a part of me that was tied unbeknownst to me – my confidence, my self-worth and self-esteem. (I mean I journal regularly but that is in the comfort of me and mine and not the innanets.)

This isn’t a I know everything post but rather an ah hah b**** I figured some things out post. I’ve figured some things out about myself that I want to share because 1) honestly life is wild 2) sharing helps with my vulnerability and 3) re-read 1&2. Now whether you care or not does not matter because remember my writing is for my enjoyment (me and mine)…you just happen to be at the party and I hope it makes you shake a tail feather or two.

A three part series on how Astu reclaimed her personal power, fell in love, and continues to figure it out.

To be continued…


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