art matters…thank you, bell hooks.

Every once in a while I ghost social media. It is my way of practicing a little digital minimalism (shoutout to Cal Newport). My hiatuses are cute or whatever but they don’t last long at all and every single time I do one I am reminded just how much social media, Twitter in particular, isContinue reading “art matters…thank you, bell hooks.”

Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)

If you are reading this congratulations you’ve made it to part three of my never needed permissions series *claps in a circle*. I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, asked about my next write-up, and told me I’m hilarious because I wholeheartedly believe I can only get myContinue reading “Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)”


It is 4:48 AM and I am on a train back from Basel headed to Zurich. Doesn’t that sound like wealth?! Yeah, well, pipe down Switzerland has left your girl for dead. I was only a couple more coffee purchases away from auditioning for Squid Game. If you’ve been keeping up with my gallivanting onContinue reading “STRANGER DANGER…BUT MAKE IT ARTSY?”

I almost scrapped this post but Tigray wouldn’t let me…

As a disclaimer this is NOT part 3 of the “Never Needed Permission” Series. Part 3 is in the tuck because this is truly much more pressing. If you are curious as to what would make me temporarily pause on a series that essentially revitalized my love for writing on this raggedy website than please,Continue reading “I almost scrapped this post but Tigray wouldn’t let me…”