“Aye God if you want me to be a nun…just say dat!” (2/3)

I have stopped and started this post at least 30 times over the past two…now three months. I’ve tried to come at it at different angles. I’ve talked to my friends about it. I’ve even tried to make it a generic post when in reality this is supposed to be a place where my writingContinue reading ““Aye God if you want me to be a nun…just say dat!” (2/3)”

where to start (1/3)…

Wow. I felt amazing after writing those 200+ words the other day – like really amazing. I also started to overthink about when I run for public office will they find my confessions or grammatically incorrect pieces and drag it into some sort of campaign slander. Yeah that is how I think. I go fromContinue reading “where to start (1/3)…”

never needed permission…

I never needed permission. Hell I forged the majority of my permission slips in middle school. So why now? My confidence, my self-worth, my self-esteem were built Ford tough. So what changed? What shifted? I haven’t written a post or blog entry in nearly 3+ years. My writing whether it be good, correct, concise orContinue reading “never needed permission…”

Hello, September

Hey there lovely readers, I know. I know. Shame on me . . . I’ve been away for some time, so let me explain. My last year of graduate school is here, I have a demanding internship during the week, I work weekends, and I am the Vice President of my Graduate Association – cut me someContinue reading “Hello, September”