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Meet Samara George

“You have to be dedicated to doing it. You can’t just do a face mask once a month and you can’t just drink two glasses of water every four days expecting results…” -S.G.

According to a 2016 Beauty Industry Analysis Report, just last year the beauty industry generated 56 billion dollars in revenue. It is no secret that Americans are obsessed with beauty and quite honestly I have no shame in admitting – I, too, am obsessed and I am here for it!

In honor of my obsession I would like to shout out my two favorite tools in beauty: YouTube and the Instagram community. With these two outlets, you are only one click away from a fierce contour and a couple seconds away from a flawless eyelash application. You might be laughing but I am sure if you check your search history you too have stalked the big names in make-up to learn how to apply BEN NYE banana powder without looking dusty. It is okay, we all have!

But, have you ever noticed that the majority of these make-up artists already have perfect skin? I get so frustrated when I am watching Ms. AaliyahJay lay her foundation on a smooth canvas and I am looking into my magnified mirror at pimples galore. I’m supposed to get those exact results after watching your tutorial? How sway?

But have no fear, esthetician Samara George of SKYNbySamara aka the “skin whisper” is taking beauty to a deeper level.  I linked up with her this past Friday to discuss her skin regimen, her new business, and how she is making her mark in the beauty industry. Below you will find our in depth conversation. Enjoy.

(Side note: If you are not sure what an esthetician is – it is your lord and savior in beauty heaven. They are professionals who specialize in skin and skin care.)

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“Growing up I always liked to play in make-up. I liked making sure my face looked nice…and I can remember times where my parents used to call me vain…just to get me out of the mirror.”

[Q] What is your full name?

[A] My name is Samara George and I am the owner of SKYNbySamara.

[Q] How did you come up with the name SKYNbySamara?

[A] I’m an esthetician, so I am all about skin care, and I wanted people to know of the jump what my brand deals with. I, also, included my name so that people would know the person behind the brand and I spelled skin with a y instead of an I (SKYN) so that I could invite people to ask about it and learn more about what I have to offer.

[Q] How did you get into skin care? Did you have formal education or training in the field?

[A] I got into skin care because both of my parents own a beauty school. It offers cosmetology, nails, and an esthetician program, etc. and I just really took to skin care. I started reading into it, getting to know the ins and outs of it, and I fell in love with it. I just want to be able to help both men and women know how to take care of what is underneath before they put anything else on top of it. As far as my formal education, I attended Morgan State University and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production. So, I have a background of being in front of and behind the camera as well as a background in PR/marketing which has helped build my brand (through YouTube and Instagram) as I know how to market myself and to get my name out there.

[Q] How has social media impacted your start-up?

[A] Social media has definitely helped get my name out there. I already had a semi-good following on IG but by using hashtags that people can click on daily, I’ve noticed an increase in my followers from different skincare companies to different spas and salons from Arizona to Korea. It’s amazing how one social media outlet can get my name around the world without me having to put money out there or travel anywhere.

[Q] As far as brands, Sephora and MAC are dominating the beauty industry and women and men are spending tons and tons of money on the latest and greatest. Do you have any recommendations for people who are interested in achieving better skin? Are there things people should be looking out for before spending money?

[A] I would recommend getting a consultation with an esthetician or visiting a dermatologist. It is important you know and understand your skin. Everyones’ genetics is built different so, what works for one person will not always work for the next. A lot of products are being endorsed by make-up artists who already have flawless skin and they probably don’t even use the products they endorse or know what is in the products themselves. With that said, I like to stay on the natural side of skin care.

[Q] You mentioned you are a fan of natural products, is that something we should be expecting from SKYNbySamara in the near future?

[A] Yes! I am in the process of creating 100% natural products. Everything from coconut oil, Shea Butter, to other pulled oils…I am actually working with someone right now to make this happen. I want people to know they don’t have to spend 1,000 of dollars to achieve amazing skin and that they literally can use everyday things around your house.

[Interview Break and transition to audio. We apologize about the background noise.]

Want to meet the fabulous Samara George and learn more about SKYNbySamara? 

Instagram: SKYNbySamara | Website: SKYNbySamara  | YouTube: SKYNbySamara

She will be officially launching SKYNbySamara April 30, 2016 at BAR 7 located on 1015 1/2 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 5 to 8.  You won’t want to miss this event and tell her Astu sent ya.


Wondering what to expect, click here to hear: 

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A Message from Chris Terry

I follow an amazingly motivational Instagram account and I recently linked with the owner and he has agreed to send over some positive messages once a week. Enjoy and stay motivated my friends.

Chris Terry“There’s no reason for a plan B! If you have a plan B, C, D & soon then that sends a message to the world & your own brain that you don’t fully believe in yourself. You believe in the idea that you have but you don’t wholeheartedly believe that you can execute that idea that’s why you come up with multiple back up plans. Starting today believe in yourself enough to know that if you adopt a ridiculous work ethic, learn as much as you can & focus – you can and will execute your ideas and plans!”

Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

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Group by Group

[Late post]

I am sitting at my favorite chain coffee shop, Starbucks, and like always I am unintentionally observing the different groups of people. I have been here for about 3 hours, do not judge me, but I was cranking some work out for school and work was rough today. Anyway, I am not sure if I have posted about this topic before but I find it rather important and I believe it will be an excellent addition for my Motivation Mondays segment.

It is something important, it is something that makes the world go around, it is important to business development, and it is something I value immensely; can you guess what it is?

photo (14)The answer is community. That word is almost the reason why I decided to go in the direction I am going with this blog. This past weekend I went to a lounge and a fraternity hosted a centennial party for their organization and it was astonishing to see the support, love, and overall loyalty the participants had to their respective organizations. Their community came out, from literally all over the US, and showed out. It was truly a beautiful thing to see and this can be translated into any developmental stage of an entrepreneurs growth. The people who back you, whether they be random or in the case of this a fraternity from the same college community, your community can be motivation enough to further develop yourself and grow. You almost do it to not to let your supporters down because they already see the potential in you.

Community is key, your network is important, and quality friends are irreplaceable! These people will help you when you are down and out on yourself. Starting something from scratch, as many entrepreneurs do, is hard and it is important to find your people in your field of interest and capitalize on it with genuine interactions.

I know I used the word IMPORTANT a lot in this post but I can not stress how pertinent community is to everything you do! This is not something I learned recently but something my father has taught me and has shown me over the years.

Side note: The post title, ironically, is a play on my father’s tendency, thanks to his Ethiopian English to describe unification by saying “group by group.”

With that said lets build together, develop an unstoppable positive community, and gather group by group.

Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up

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I’ve made it another year . . .

I came across this on IG and thought it would be an awesome way to start your week, with a kick in the butt of course. The writers information is below please feel free to connect with him and as always enjoy.
photo (16)I’ve made it another year, so that means it’s time for my annual introspective, gained wisdom post about life. Youth is getting closer to the door, I really don’t want to send it on its way without anything exciting to hold onto. As I said last year, we’ve got to make the most of our youth while it’s here. This year more so than previous years, I’m really feeling the need for urgency. Time is constantly moving, and it’s wasted if one doesn’t fill that time doing things they love. You’ve got a job, you’ve got a degree, a car, or anything else that can be showcased as a symbol of status, but what does any of that matter if you’re not happy? What does it profit personal growth to spend your life working only to maintain, and not for progress? It profits nothing, and unfortunately that’s how most lives will unravel. So, how do we avoid a life less than the one that feels us to the brim with passion and exuberance for a new day? It’s simple, do not live the life anyone else has planned for you. Not your parents, friends, teachers, not even societal expectations. Some of us have already attempted to live out expectations that were not our own, and either we follow that road to unhappiness or we break from it and attempt to live the life we should have been living. For those young enough to follow their hearts alone, do it. That’s not to say don’t take advice from the positive influences in your life. Take in every bit of knowledge and wisdom they have to offer, weigh that with your own insight and make what you feel is the best decision. In addition to that, surround yourself with people who want the same things you want. Surround yourself with the things you love, and work like you’ve never worked to get to your destination. Once you get there, work even harder. Be the best at whatever you do. If you want something, chase it down, pursue it relentlessly. If that particular thing never pans out, at least you tried, and there is no shame in that. Just live your life, don’t shrink into the corner. Maximize on everything.
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Astu Mengesha – Stay Down Blaze Up
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Interest vs. Commitment


There is a difference and it separates those who do and those who do not. Make sure you are aware of where you stand with your grind, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Some motivation for all my entrepreneurs and hustlers a like. Happy Monday!