Meet Samara George

“You have to be dedicated to doing it. You can’t just do a face mask once a month and you can’t just drink two glasses of water every four days expecting results…” -S.G. According to a 2016 Beauty Industry Analysis Report, just last year the beauty industry generated 56 billion dollars in revenue. It is no secret that Americans are obsessed with beauty and quite honestly … Continue reading Meet Samara George

A Message from Chris Terry

I follow an amazingly motivational Instagram account and I recently linked with the owner and he has agreed to send over some positive messages once a week. Enjoy and stay motivated my friends. “There’s no reason for a plan B! If you have a plan B, C, D & soon then that sends a message to the world & your own brain that you don’t … Continue reading A Message from Chris Terry

Group by Group

[Late post] I am sitting at my favorite chain coffee shop, Starbucks, and like always I am unintentionally observing the different groups of people. I have been here for about 3 hours, do not judge me, but I was cranking some work out for school and work was rough today. Anyway, I am not sure if I have posted about this topic before but I … Continue reading Group by Group

I’ve made it another year . . .

I came across this on IG and thought it would be an awesome way to start your week, with a kick in the butt of course. The writers information is below please feel free to connect with him and as always enjoy. I’ve made it another year, so that means it’s time for my annual introspective, gained wisdom post about life. Youth is getting closer … Continue reading I’ve made it another year . . .