Meet Ras Nebyu

Disclaimer: This past weekend, I attended the taping of the single “No Love” with every intention of siting down and interviewing the musically inclined Ambessa* himself: Ras Nebyu. Just five minutes into production, I realized there were two stories here – not one. So, with that being said this article will be a two part installation. The first, obviously, highlighting the artist Ras Nebyu and his video shoot and … Continue reading Meet Ras Nebyu

Haile Roots in Concert April 2

Haile Roots and the Fano Band are coming to the District and we are super excited to be covering the event this year! For those not too familiar with the Ethiopian reggae artist please check out his music here on itunes and get ready for a dose of feel good music with a dash of consciousnesses. I promise you won’t be disappointed. (Also, as a cheat sheet … Continue reading Haile Roots in Concert April 2

The Black Excellence of Jaden Smith: Let Freedom Ring

Seriously, how envious are you that you aren’t the offspring of Will and Jada Smith? Like your fathers arguably the most talented black man of all time, and your mother is a beautiful ultra creative. Essentially, life is set up on a silver platter for you served by your butler named Geoffrey. The money your father makes alone has literally bought you the opportunity to … Continue reading The Black Excellence of Jaden Smith: Let Freedom Ring

SDBUP’s 10 Songs For The Summer

Summer is approaching, the best time of the year for music. The combination of good weather, incredible music, and Corona with lime can turn any summer into one for the ages. Of course you can go by what you’ll hear on your local radio station but that’s boring! SDBUP has taken the liberty of posting 10 songs(from some new artist and some popular ones) that … Continue reading SDBUP’s 10 Songs For The Summer