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Future of black media . . .

Just about every time you turn on the T.V, open up a magazine, or see a billboard on a passing highway  you see what America has been strategically doing for the past decade to the African-American population through advertisement, (intentionally or unintentionally), which is making the Black population “colorless”.

If this statement doesn’t make sense – it will.

Cathy Hughes, a prominent female African-American in the broadcast radio industry, made a statement that America is to interested in an “interracial society”…you’ll see “a Black woman and a White man or a Black man and a White woman. And all the children look like Halle Berry and [President] Barack Obama. There’s this emphasis on a ‘colorless society’.”

The question arises “WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP OUR BLACK CULTURE”? at the expense of bringing Americans closer. Asians, Latinos, Europeans, and every other culture – has held on with a tight grip to their particular “aspects” while African Americans have fallen victim to integration at the cost of weeding out what makes us, US!

My question for you is where is black media headed, where do you see it in the next ten years, we can’t keep blaming this economy for all the mishaps of black businesses and media, so what will happen next?

For more information – please read Ebony Magazine April Issue – Article The Death of Black Radio: Media Pioneer Cathy Hughes on the ‘Disintegration of the Black Experience’ By: Kevin Chappell

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

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torn between exploring fashion or continuing my passion for international relations (which my undergrad degree is for)…maybe that’s the reason I get upset when people ask what I want to do after college…because honestly sometimes I just don’t know…

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

Human Character Politic me.

“Know your history – yes : but know others as well – one can not expect to become a strong tree without many roots.”

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

Human Character Politic me.

Absolute Poverty Part II

There is a catch to the Garmeen Bank but a very much positive one – PEOPLE MUST BE WILLING TO ABIDE BY THESE 16 DECISIONS:

Sixteen Decisions – A poor woman’s social charter :

1. We shall follow and advance the four principles of Grameen Bank—Discipline, Unity, Courage and Hard work—in all walks of our lives.

2. We shall bring prosperity to our families.

3. We shall not live in dilapidated houses. We shall repair our houses and work towards constructing new houses at the earliest.

4. We shall grow vegetables all the year round. We shall eat plenty of them and sell the surplus.

5. During the plantation season, we shall plant as many seedlings as possible.

 6. We shall plan to keep our families small. We shall minimize our expenditures. We shall look after our health.

7. We shall educate our children and ensure that we can earn to pay for their education.

8. We shall always keep our children and the environment clean.

9. We shall build and use pit-latrines.

10. We shall drink water from tubewells. If it is not available, we shall boil water or use alum.

11. We shall not take any dowry at our sons’ weddings, neither shall we give any dowry at our daughters’ wedding. We shall keep the center free from the curse of dowry. We shall not practice child marriage.

12. We shall not inflict any injustice on anyone, neither shall we allow anyone to do so.

13. We shall collectively undertake bigger investments for higher incomes.

14. We shall always be ready to help each other. If anyone is in difficulty, we shall all help him or her.

15. If we come to know of any breach of discipline in any center, we shall go there and help restore discipline.

16. We shall introduce physical exercise in all our Centers. We shall take part in all social activities collectively.


Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.

Human Character Politic me.


Everyone knows I am extremely proud of my heritage – I don’t know any other way of life but the ETHIOPIAN WAY. And when something goes wrong for one Ethiopian – I as well as many other Ethiopians are affected.

Recently ALI AHMED MOHAMMED was brutally beaten to death by “5 members of the DC9 Club” located right beside the Etete restaurant. Justice must be served these men involved must be held accountable for their stupid actions. JUSTICE FOR ALI.

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.