Politic me.

We shall overcome . . .

Today the Martin Luther Kind Jr. speech “I HAVE A DREAM” will be read on the front steps of Hopwood at Lynchburg College. Big ups to the faculty, staff, and students who are participating. I will be reading as well come out and support :).

It is only fair that you know your history – his speech has given all people of color a chance we can NOT deny.

Politic me.

If I were president . . .

I swear you find some of the most interesting things on other people’s Facebook  pages. My friend Ashley had commented on a photo of mine and I went to her page to see how she was doing and me being the nosey person I am I saw this lovely status about Wyclef Jean:

So Wyclef Jean had a song called “If i were president”…now he’s running for president of Haiti…faith creates no limits♥ ~A.Renee’

And I immediately said this is my next post.

In a statement sent to the media on Tuesday, the family of the former Fugees star, who has served as ambassador-at-large under the current Haitian government, confirmed for the first time that he was considering putting his hip-hop infused music career on the back burner to run for Haiti’s top job.

Now how is that for irony – here is an article I found check it out 🙂

and for the record I SUPPORT YOU 1000% Wyclef – we need men like you to bring nations like Haiti to its’ fullest potential! GO GO GO!

Astu Mengesha – stay down blaze up.