Stay Down

Stay Down Blaze Up (SDBUP) – Stay Down

Stay Down, launched in 2010 and formally known as Stay Down Blaze Up, was originally created to keep Aster “Astu” Mengesha in a constant state of writing. It has undergone several transformations and has since been refined.  Stay Down is a blog that highlights phenomenal people, great music, and amazing art. Phenomenal people include, but are not limited to, our generations go-getters, businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs.  We also deliver thought-provoking articles on music and other forms of art. We do not doubt that you will find something of interest.

The true meaning behind Stay Down (Blaze Up)

The phrase “stay down blaze up” can be broken into two parts. The first part “stay down” is the process of entrepreneurs honing in on resources,  laying low, and creating their brand – the development stage. The second part “blaze up” describes the bringing of your idea to the table, making yourself vulnerable to criticism, and persevering.  Another quote that is similar to the phrase “stay down blaze up” is “work hard in silence and let success make the noise.”

Entrepreneurs are used in the previous example to explain the phrase but the saying can be applied to anyone on the verge of creating greatness. Please join me, as we explore our generations creative energy, by reading, subscribing and sharing. Thank you.

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