Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)

If you are reading this congratulations you’ve made it to part three of my never needed permissions series *claps in a circle*. I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, asked about my next write-up, and told me I’m hilarious because I wholeheartedly believe I can only get myContinue reading “Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)”

I see me

If you haven’t watched Black Art: In the Absence of Light please do yourself a favor and watch today. It feels so good to see me and so many of us – enjoy.

where to start (1/3)…

Wow. I felt amazing after writing those 200+ words the other day – like really amazing. I also started to overthink about when I run for public office will they find my confessions or grammatically incorrect pieces and drag it into some sort of campaign slander. Yeah that is how I think. I go fromContinue reading “where to start (1/3)…”

never needed permission…

I never needed permission. Hell I forged the majority of my permission slips in middle school. So why now? My confidence, my self-worth, my self-esteem were built Ford tough. So what changed? What shifted? I haven’t written a post or blog entry in nearly 3+ years. My writing whether it be good, correct, concise orContinue reading “never needed permission…”

Addis Perceptions

It was a Thursday. I woke up to the sounds of neighborhood roosters (my new alarm clock), gathered my things, and proceeded to my morning stroll through our top view neighborhood to catch a ride to work. All the while, ignoring stares at my fire red rain boots and smiling to myself because I couldn’tContinue reading “Addis Perceptions”

Stay Down Blaze Up teams up with #AMIExperience for Conversation & Cocktails

Stay Down Blaze Up is super excited to be media sponsors for the #AMIExperience Conversation & Cocktails event to take place June 2, 2016! For more information please see below and hope to see you all there. Press Release Am I The Experience: Conversations & Cocktails Digital Storyteller Nadia Marie, Lifestyle Brand Royal Dynamite, andContinue reading “Stay Down Blaze Up teams up with #AMIExperience for Conversation & Cocktails”

Meet Samara George

“You have to be dedicated to doing it. You can’t just do a face mask once a month and you can’t just drink two glasses of water every four days expecting results…” -S.G. According to a 2016 Beauty Industry Analysis Report, just last year the beauty industry generated 56 billion dollars in revenue. It is noContinue reading “Meet Samara George”

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