Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)

If you are reading this congratulations you’ve made it to part three of my never needed permissions series *claps in a circle*. I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, asked about my next write-up, and told me I’m hilarious because I wholeheartedly believe I can only get myContinue reading “Sabbatical (and no, I’m not lost I’m just taking time to do…nothing*)”


It is 4:48 AM and I am on a train back from Basel headed to Zurich. Doesn’t that sound like wealth?! Yeah, well, pipe down Switzerland has left your girl for dead. I was only a couple more coffee purchases away from auditioning for Squid Game. If you’ve been keeping up with my gallivanting onContinue reading “STRANGER DANGER…BUT MAKE IT ARTSY?”

Meet Kia Ray

Today’s interview is with the Kia Ray.  She is outspoken, skilled, and professional when it comes to her craft. She has only been in the makeup game for about 10 months and is constantly evolving. In this interview you learn a little more about her background and who the real Kia Ray is, enjoy! Follow her on Instagram:Continue reading “Meet Kia Ray”

A TRUE Musical Experience

Last week, I attended the official release party for BOOMscat’s Album The West Wing Project Live Ep. It was held at Mad Momos Beer and Deck Restaurant on 14th street in Northwest DC. I came rushing in all late because I had just left a dinner on the other side of DC but ironically, I believeContinue reading “A TRUE Musical Experience”

Meet Chidinma Dureke

“My goal is to redefine the definition of blackness in the Diaspora, by using color, design elements to transcend physical material reality.” Thank God for the creators of Instagram! I am always finding amazing artists and this week we are highlighting an extremely talented female artist and her name is Chi-Chi. When people submit their work toContinue reading “Meet Chidinma Dureke”